2020 Videos - with a one wall walk through

Here is a list of dances on this page.

(Easy beginner dances are marked with a (B).

Go Cat Go (B)

Precious Time (B)

Until the Dawn

Strollalong Cha

Little Red Book

Blue Rose Is (B)

Whiskey Bridges

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Lonely Drum

Something in the Water

Dance With Me Baby (B)

K is for Kicks (B)

This & That

Some Girls Will


Feel Like A Fool

I Wanna Samba


Senorita Bachata

Little Nancy Mulligan

Little Rumba (B)

Over the Moon

Gypsy Queen

Lipstick, Powder & Paint (B)

Maybe I Will Waltz (B)

Rocket to the Sun (B)

Day of the Dead

Run Back to Me (B)

Toe to Toe (B)

People are Good


This is Me

One Step Forward

Easy Beginner dance - Go Cat Go

Beginner level dance - Codigo

Easy beginner dance - Precious Time

Beginner level dance - Until The Dawn (aka Marvin Gaye)

This is an Improver level dance - Seniorita Bachata

Beginner level dance - Little Nancy Mulligan

Beginner level dance - Strollalong Cha

Easy beginner dance - Little Rumba

Beginner level dance - Little Red Book

Easy Beginner level dance - Blue Rose Is

Beginner level dance - Whiskey Bridges

Improver level dance - Have you ever seen the rain

Improver level dance - Lonely Drum

Beginner level dance - Something in the Water

Easy Beginner level dance - Dance with Me Baby

Easy beginner dance - K is for Kicks

Beginner level dance - This & That

Improver level dance - Some Girls Will

Improver level dance - Missing

Improver level dance - Feel Like A Fool

Beginner level dance - Over The Moon

Gypsy Queen - Improver level dance

Easy Beginner level dance - Lipstick, Powder & Paint

Easy Beginner level dance - Maybe I Will Waltz

Easy Beginner level dance - Rocket To The Sun

Intermediate level dance - Day of the Dead

Easy Beginner level dance - Run back to me

Beginner level dance to the Day of the Dead music - Toe to Toe

Improver level dance - People Are Good with a one wall walk through.

Intermediate level dance - Wintergreen. Full teach to come soon.

Improver level dance - This is Me

Beginner level dance - One Step Forward

Beginner level dance - I Wanna Samba