New Videos - with a one wall walk through

Go Cat Go

Easy Beginner dance - Go Cat Go

Precious Time

Easy beginner dance - Precious Time

Until The Dawn

Beginner level dance - Until The Dawn (aka Marvin Gaye)

Strollalong Cha

Beginner level dance - Strollalong Cha

Little Red Book

Beginner level dance - Little Red Book

Blue Rose Is

Easy Beginner level dance - Blue Rose Is

Whiskey Bridges

Beginner level dance - Whiskey Bridges

Have you ever seen the rain

Improver level dance - Have you ever seen the rain

Lonely Drum

Improver level dance - Lonely Drum

Something in the Water

Beginner level dance - Something in the Water

Dance with Me Baby

Easy Beginner level dance - Dance with Me Baby

K is for Kicks

Easy beginner dance - K is for Kicks

This & That

Beginner level dance - This & That

Some Girls Will

Improver level dance - Some Girls Will


Improver level dance - Missing

Feel Like A Fool

Beginner level dance - Codigo

Seniorita Bachata

This is an Improver level dance - Seniorita Bachata

Little Nancy Mulligan

Beginner level dance - Little Nancy Mulligan

Little Rumba

Easy beginner dance - Little Rumba

Over The Moon

Beginner level dance - Over The Moon

Gypsy Queen

Gypsy Queen - Improver level dance

Lipstick, Powder & Paint

Easy Beginner level dance - Lipstick, Powder & Paint

Maybe I Will Waltz

Easy Beginner level dance - Maybe I Will Waltz

Rocket To The Sun

Easy Beginner level dance - Rocket To The Sun

Day of the Dead

Intermediate level dance - Day of the Dead

Run back to me

Easy Beginner level dance - Run back to me

Toe to Toe

Beginner level dance to the Day of the Dead music - Toe to Toe

People are Good

Improver level dance - People Are Good with a one wall walk through.


Intermediate level dance - Wintergreen

Full teach to come soon.

This is Me

Improver level dance - This is Me

One Step Forward

Improver level dance - Feel Like A Fool

I Wanna Samba

Beginner level dance - One Step Forward

Beginner level dance - I Wanna Samba

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